About Radient Pharma

Radient pharma not only contributes to society through our business but also voluntarily seek to improve the health and well-being of undeserve communities of the world

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An image of Jaya Mahila Kalyan Samiti volunteers

Jaya Mahila Kalyan Samiti (Regd).

JAYA MAHILA KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.), a non-profit NGO of STALLION Group and RADIENT Group was established in YEAR 1996. NGO has established the basic policies to guide various initiatives for contributing to society. These initiatives aid in the advancement of medicine and pharmacology. Our giving focuses on expanding access to homoeopathy education, outreach, prevention and health services.

Every year JAYA MAHILA KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) organizes a free health checkup camps at different places which also includes snehalaya, Oldage homes, etc; with support of other social activists with a motive of spreading awareness of health problems and preventions.

Radient Pharma Group spends close to 25% of its revenues in the pursuance of noble objectives.

Furthermore, we view employee’s participation in volunteer activities as a chance for them to step away from their day-to-day work and experience a completely new perspective, with the goal of supporting a concern for society. We believe that this broadening of one’s horizons helps link the healthy development of society with the sound development of the Company. We therefore are working to foster an environment and provide opportunities that support employee’s participation in volunteer activities.

Our portfolio of programs range from donating Radient Pharma medicines and volunteering valuable employee skills to providing grants and investments that support social entrepreneurs and enterprises, fostering local innovation and improving healthcare delivery and access.

An image of Kailash Vidya Mandir volunteers

Kailash Vidya Mandir (Regd).

A testimony to JAYA MAHILA KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) is the Kailash Vidhya Mandir, a non- profitable school established by the founder of Radient Pharma, Dr. K.C. Srivastava in year 2002. With this initiative, Radient Pharma is supporting the education for all living in economical weaker section of society and preparing them for self sustained employment.

JAYA MAHILA KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) is conducted in collaboration with the Government.

Radient Pharma collaborates with social entrepreneurs to bring the society welfare government schemes in motion.Radient Group in JAYA MAHILA KALYAN SAMITI (Regd.) sets out binding rules for its involvement in government schemes, aiming to ensure transparency in any collaboration.

Radient Pharma invests in these projects with a motive of zero profit investment, aiming welfare of the society. For the welfare of society, NGO took active participation in the schemes initiated by government such as mid-day meal, PMKVY, etc. The focus areas for NGO programs are Education, Environment apart from Health obviously.