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30 ml.

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Radient’s Dermo-L works as a soothing and calming agent, which is very effective in getting weeping eczema to calm down and stop weeping. It soothes inflamed skin and helps minimize the development of flaky and dehydrated patches of skin. Dermo-L’s powerful composition disinfects the skin; prevent infected and cracked eczema skin from harboring germs and other microbes that leads to extra skin distress. Dermo-L moisturizing the skin, boosting antioxidant levels and prevents skin infections. Dermo-L’s anti-inflammatory compounds can prevent itching by optimizing skin health and eliminate the discomfort.


Echinacea Aug. Ext Q, Calendula Ext Q, Achyranthis Asp. Q, Azadirachta Indica Q, Oil Based Q.S.


Weeping Eczema, Itching, Wet scabies, Gangrene etc.

Directions / Dosage

Rub well or apply on the affected parts twice or thrice daily or as directed by physician.


Avoid having allergic foods like cow’s milk, eggs, soy products, gluten, nuts, fish, shellfish, etc.