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30ml., 60 ml. & 450 ml.

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Radient’s Mikoil pain killer oil has a blend potent homoeopathic compositions. The potential homoeopathic medicines together reduce the inflammation and fight the joint pain. Mikoil is also very helpful to treat sprains, cuts and burns, low back pain, neck pains and gouts. The effects sustained stays for longer period. Mikoil reduces the itching redness pain in chest and also can be used to clear chest congestion.


Azadirachta Indica Q, Hydrastis Can. Q, Eucalyptus Q, Terebinthina Q, Calendula Ext. Q, Oil Base.


Cuts, Burns, Pain in joints, Sprains, Gouts, Itching with redness pain in chest, Anti-inflammatory, Paralysis etc.

Directions / Dosage

Rub well or apply the oil with soft cloth on the affected parts twice daily or as directed by physician.


In joint pains, use Mikoil along with Radient’s Rehumex syrup. In case of whooping cough and congestion, rub well Mikoil on chest with Radient’s Hopex syrup. In case of non-productive cough and inflammation, rub well Mikoil on chest with Radient’s Bankof syrup.