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450gm & 15kgs

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Govind Globules

Govind Globules/ Pillules are made from Pure Sulphurless Sugar without additives and 100% pure, non-medicated and make a Homeopath assure for right medication. Globules are sparkling white, round and uniform in shape. The absorption of globules is unique one can see the dissolution which is also very fast. The entire procedure is done in a GMP certified environment ensuring personnel qualifications, systematic documentation of all procedures, equipment verification, sanitation and cleanliness. The manufacturing jars used to make globules are made up of finest quality (SS316 grade) stainless steel. We maintain In-process quality control and samples of all batches of finished product undergo quality tests for parameters, specifications and microbiological testing. Quality tests are done on each and every batch of globules.


Globules Size :- 0/10/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60.