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Did you know that 2/3 of children in India fall ill at-least once in 3 months? Is your child one of them? Why is it that your child gets frequent fever, while his/her classmate barely misses school due to an illness?This occurs due to a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, affecting the nose and throat. Children under age five tend to catch infections more easily than others. However, adults, too, have a tendency to catch a cold with changes in weather.
Stress due to long working hours, emotional turmoil and a history of allergies can make one prone to infections and catching colds easily.

What are the Symptoms of CHILDHOOD IMMUNITY

Child healthcare needs more than experience

Radient doctors are specially trained to handle child health disorders with special care and attention. In the last 25 years, Radient doctors have healed thousands of cases with herbal medicines, and customized diet and lifestyle plans. Speak with a Radient doctor to find out how Homeopathy can help your child.


Boost immunity of your Child With Homeopathic booster

It is not unusual for parents to fret when their child falls sick. However, what matters the most is what they do in such tensed times. Most often, parents rely on antibiotics. It is important to note here that resistance to antibiotics kills over 50,000 children in India annually.

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AyuniqueTM - Our Treatment Philosphy

Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too. Radient  Pharma doctors take
the Ayunique™ approach, which includes:

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Completely personalized authentic Ayurvedic medicines based on thorough diagnosis of the root-cause In it

End-To-End Relief Tracking

Throughout your treatment journey, a team of health coaches stay connected with you to track your relief progress and help with your health queries.

Diet & Lifestyle Plans Customized Just for You

Customized remedy including diet, therapy and lifestyle planners designed by your doctor to compliment the medicines.

Steps to Get Your Personalised Homoeopathy Treatment

Steps to Get Your Personalised Homoeopathy Treatment

No two individuals are alike. Radient Pharma follows “Ayunique”. It examines the patient and disease
with an aim to diagnose the root cause and offer completely personalised treatment.

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Dr.Divita Srivastava


Dedicate Homoeopathy Doctor with a excellent record of providing patient comfort and satisfaction with exceptional knowledge of homoeopathic principles and procedures.

Dr Shivam Anand Singh

B.H.M.S.(Lucknow), M.P.H. (CMC Vellore), C.F.N., C.N.C.C.

Skilled at diagnosing patient, ordering diagnostic test with profound therapeutic and clinic knowledge. Strongly active in the community working to increase awareness of homoeopathic medical options.

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