Root-cause treatment for all kidney problems

Is possible with Homeopathy

Urinary Disease

Homeopathy Treatment for Urinary

The kidneys, bladder, urethra and ureter form the urinary system which is responsible for eliminating toxins and wastes from the body. Homeopathy describes 13 types of Mutraghata (urinary problems). Disorders can be as simple as a burning sensation while passing urine, an infection, or advanced issues such as kidney stones, inflammation of the kidneys or bladder cancer. Urinary irregularities may also be symptoms of underlying metabolic disorders. Radient Homeopathy treats the root-cause of the urinary problem with herbal medicines, specialized diets and lifestyle plans.

Urinary disorders affect millions worldwide.

Radient Homeopathy has healed thousands of advanced and initial stage cases of urinary and nephrology problems during the last 25 years. Speak with a Radient doctor to find out how Homeopathy can help you.

AyuniqueTM - Our Treatment Philosphy

Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too. Radient  Pharma doctors take
the Ayunique™ approach, which includes:

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Completely personalized authentic Ayurvedic medicines based on thorough diagnosis of the root-cause In it

End-To-End Relief Tracking

Throughout your treatment journey, a team of health coaches stay connected with you to track your relief progress and help with your health queries.

Diet & Lifestyle Plans Customized Just for You

Customized remedy including diet, therapy and lifestyle planners designed by your doctor to compliment the medicines.

Health Package Details

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